Code of Conduct


representing UMTA at Association level (Section 1)


Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) seeks to maintain and promote the following standards and will demonstrate this through its actions and encourage the Code of Conduct implementation across the industry through interactions with members, tourism businesses, organizations and other tourism industry professionals.


As representatives of Myanmar, the UMTA welcomes visitors and acts in such a way as to:

1. Bring credit to the country and promote it as a responsible and sustainable tourist destination.

2. Uphold and safeguard the reputation and standards of UMTA. Avoid injuring or damaging directly or indirectly the reputation, interests or prospects of fellow members.

3. Protect the reputation of tourism in Myanmar by making every endeavor to ensure that tourists treat with respect the environment, the natural, cultural and heritage environments, and also local customs and sensitivities and to minimize impacts on these at all times.

4. Abide by all conservation rules, local customs and regulations established by any local, regional or national organizations and authorities.  Advocate conservation and sustainable tourism by demonstrating exemplary behavior above and beyond any rules and regulations.

5. Conduct all professional affairs to a high standard of integrity and uphold statutory responsibilities in all respects. Not to misuse authority for personal gain and to declare any conflict of interest which might arise in the course of representing the Association.

6. Support sustainable businesses that contributes to conservation, internal peace building and community development.

7. Not support, encourage or promote any type of commercial (sexual) exploitation, particularly of children and adolescents.

8. Not support or endorse any business or organization that utilizes child labor.


representing UMTA at a Member level (Section 2)


Members of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) seek to maintain and promote the following ethical behavior standards and personal qualities as an assurance of the high level of professionalism and value-added service offered by members of UMTA.


UMTA members will act in such a way as to:

1.Make every effort to ensure that accurate and impartial information is provided to enable clients to exercise an informed judgment in making their choice of travel services.

2. In no way discriminate in rendering service to any tourist on any basis e.g. color, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, physical challenge, age etc.

3. Provide the highest standard of travel services to the public, always to carry out contractual obligations in an honorable manner, and to comply with all relevant statutory requirements.

4. Endeavor always to adhere to truthful statements when called upon to express opinions of any other travel organization.  Members will not make false, deceptive or misleading statements or claims when called on to give an opinion of travel agent, carrier, hotel, tour operator or other travel organization.

5. Ensure that advertising is accurate and truthful, free of anything which could mislead clients or suppliers. Members will be factual and accurate when providing information, describing facilities or services they provide and the services and facilities of any operator they utilize or represent.

6. Establish and maintain procedures for the prompt handling of complaints, ensuring that all inquiries, refunds and returns of goods (where applicable) are dealt with properly and reasonably. Complaints shall be dealt with promptly and efficiently and in the event of a dispute with a client, every effort shall be made to settle the matter amicably and as quickly as possible. In the event of a complaint or grievance by a client against any agent, carrier, hotel or other travel organization, UMTA members will provide an opportunity for a full investigation before taking any action.
7. Not allow any preferred relationship with a supplier to interfere with the interests of their clients.

8. Support the ongoing professional development of employees. Members will provide staff with proper training and instruction, provide adequate working conditions, equipment, facilities and supervise standards of safety and work practice.

9. Address any complaints or concerns raised by the local community about the behavior of visitors, other tour operators, or tourism business to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar Tourism Federation, or UMTA.

10. Maintain standards of professional competence, knowledge and skill and takes advantage of opportunities for training and education offered to improve professional standards.



The adoption of this Code of Conduct is recommended by UMTA on a voluntary basis. Members shall commit to observe the Code and make every appropriate and reasonable effort to work towards its compliance and to rectify related shortcomings.

Complaints about violations of this Code of Conduct and requests for information may be addresses to UMTA at any time, via telephone or in person.
UMTA shall communicate about this Code of Conduct to their business partners, members, the public and stakeholders.

To increase visibility of the Associations’ commitment to the principles set forth this Code of Conduct will also be made publicly available on the UMTA website.

The Code shall be reviewed biannually by the UMTA Board with the possibility of amendments if deemed necessary.

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