Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Assist in the sustainable development of Myanmar Tourism Industry, promote the image of the country, create new job opportunities and assist in the economic development of Myanmar.


  • To implement, under the guidance of the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, the objectives laid down by the State for the development of Tourism Business in Myanmar.
  • To establish relations with international associations, organizations and tourism entrepreneurs on tourism matters for domestic and international goodwill, understanding and mutual benefit according to benefit according to guidance of the state.
  • To develop friendship and common purpose among members.
  • To make representations on behalf of members to Government and all organizations with which the Association has common interests and report any difficulties, obstacles or barriers faced in the tourism field.
  • To observe national dignity and religion, ancient cultural heritage and environmental conservation while endeavouring tourism development.
  • To nominate from among the members, representatives to serve on committees and associations related to tourism and travel industry either locally or internationally.
  • To encourage the highest ethical standards of business conduct within the tourism and travel  industry, promote understanding, goodwill and fellowship amongst members by formulating a Code of Ethics which shall be approved by the General Meeting of the members and to implement the same.
  • To study, develop and promote the tourism and travel industries and to educate the public regarding  the industry by organizing and participating at seminars, workshops, conventions, exhibitions and training and meeting and other human resource development activities pertaining to the tourism and travel industry.
  • To organize the private entrepreneurs for the cooperation and support in implementing the Objectives and promote fair competition in the spirit of free enterprise.


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